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Discover the Secrets Connection between Your Weight and Hormones

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Let me introduce myself.

My name is Sam and I am nutritionist, speaker and author.

Over the years I have practiced as a nurse, a pharmaceutical rep and more recently as a naturopath and health coach.

You can check over this site and discover the various things I do.

Currently based in Australia, I run a clinic for people to have one on one consultations, hold events and retreats, appear on radio, have a blog and a page about the charities I am involved with.
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Would you like a hand to take your health and happiness to a higher level?

A level where you feel amazing, wake up full of energy and feel inspired?

It’s easy with the right guidance and understanding of your body and what makes you tick.

Let me show you how. That’s what I do and have been doing for over 28 years.. helping people just like sky rocket their health and happiness!


My clinical areas are nutrition and hormones.

You may feel many things when your hormones are out: stressed, low on energy, over weight, bloated and depressed.

You may even have a medical diagnosis of PCOS, Infertility, Endometriosis, Acne, Migraines, Menopause or cancer.

By working out what your body is lacking, and nourishing yourself you can remedy many of these things.

This is what I specialise in and have clients all around the world seeking out my services and I would like to help you too.

Other activities include traveling, drawing and helping others. You can find more about these activities under the drop down called “services” under products tab. read more »

My books are all Published and available.

They include:Hot Tips for the Business Traveler, Fit For Fertility, Beauty & the Beast Within, Keeping UP (The Tech Manual on Being a Man), Menopause.



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